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Extensive reading is a way of language learning through large amounts of reading, ideally when the learner is reading for pleasure. Learners are encouraged to read large amounts of text on a subject that genuinely interests them, to help improve their fluency. Graded readers are often employed in extensive reading, where learners can pick a level to read at that is right for them. A graded reader series starts at a basic level and increases in difficulty as the learner acquires vocabulary, fluency and confidence; all skills that extensive reading has been shown to help improve.

Extensive reading is generally recognized as one of the best methods of stimulating effective language learning. Proven to not only improve English for those learning it as a second language, extensive reading has also been shown to consolidate language skills for native speakers. Some of the best-known and most respected graded reading series for Extensive Reading include Oxford Bookworms from Oxford University Press and Penguin Readers. These Extensive Reading titles include adaptations of classic literature, biography, and original fiction. More information about Extensive Reading can be downloaded as a PDF from the Extensive Reading Foundation.

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