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Skills-Based Teaching Materials

Try these in your classroom!

Designed to promote critical thinking through listening and speaking activities. NorthStar provides analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and application throughout every lesson – not just in a separate critical thinking section like in other series.
Speak Now is the first conversation course with fully integrated video to help students develop communication skills. It is a four-level speaking course and provides real-life language models for students
What A World Listening uses high-interest topics to help build students' English communication skills. The topics span history and the globe, from typical foods around the world, to the ancient Greeks, to man-made islands. 
This book combines reading theory with practical classroom application. An invaluable resource.The principles apply to teenage through adult learners who already have basic decoding abilities.
How to Teach Listening provides a practical guide to the theory and the practice of teaching listening in the language classroom. This book discusses key topics such as authenticity, testing and technology. Essential for teachers.
Covers all core writing skills needed in general (Level 1) and business (Level 2) contexts and includes simple step-by-step practice in writing emails, letters, faxes, forms and CVs. Everything your students need for essential writing skills.



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