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ELTBOOKS.com is Japan's specialist ELT book service for English teachers, schools and colleges. We provide a flat discount of 20% off all books from all Western publishers who sell books in Japan (Oxford, Cambridge, Pearson, Macmillan, Abax, etc. etc.). We are located in Ebisu, Tokyo, and our team is dedicated to bringing you the best possible customer experience -- and prices!

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This week's new and noteworthy titles

Shakespearean tragedies in simple English

Japanese learners may not read Shakespeare at school even in their own language, but after many popular film adaptations such as Romeo + Juliet and West Side Story, many people are actually more familiar with the plays than they realize.

2016 marks the 400th anniversary of
Shakespeare's death, with celebrations and commemorations taking place across the world. The anniversary is a good reason for anyone, including teachers, to revisit his masterpieces. Students nowadays are fortunate; they are spoiled for choice with retold stories written in manageable volumes and simple English, even available as graphic novels for learners! 

Let's start with six famous Shakespearen tragedies – and don't forget, all foreign books are available at 20% off the retail price!
Romeo and Juliet Oxford University Press
Julius Caesar Black Cat
King Lear Pearson
Macbeth (Graphic Novel) Cengage Learning
Hamlet Macmillan
Othello Black Cat

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