Key Order Details

1) Discount is 20% on all Yosho (Western) books, no matter what quantity you order. It’s that simple.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer a discount on Japanese products (those that have an ISBN starting in 9784).

2) Postage and Packing is FREE for orders over ¥ 50,000 (after the discount) or ¥ 700 otherwise. So if you’re close to 50,000 why not order another book and get free shipping? (Please note that COD (Cash On Delivery) orders cost an extra ¥500.)

3) You don’t have to pay until you receive your books, and you can pay by bank transfer, post office transfer, credit card, PayPal or COD. When choose how you plan to pay during the Checkout.

4) It usually takes up to 7 working days to receive your books, although they often arrive sooner. However, deliveries to remote islands can take longer.

5) So we can serve everyone better, we ask you to order through this website. Website orders always get processed first!

6) If your school or college has complex paperwork requirements, don’t worry, we can handle it. Just contact us and we will sort it out with you.

How to Purchase

1) Browse or search for your books.

2) Choose how many of each title you want and add them to your Cart.

3) To see what you’ve ordered, click View Cart. When you’re ready to buy, hit Checkout.

4) If you’re new, fill in your contact details on the Checkout page. You submit your ordering details (including how you wish to pay) and Checkout at the same time. If you’re not new, just fill in your name and email address when you Checkout - we have your details on file.

5) You’ll get an automatic email, confirming your order. You can reply to us if you want to make any changes at this time.

6) If there are any problems with your order, such as books that are currently not available or delayed, or if the price of any of your books has changed, we will send a separate acknowledgement email to confirm the price and availability of your books.

7) Your books arrive with an invoice and you pay us by credit card, COD, post office transfer or bank transfer. The How To Pay information is with your invoice and you can see it here as well. Smiles all round!

8) Please note that if your order arrives as multiple deliveries we issue a separate invoice for each delivery. Payment for each delivery is due after it is received. (The total cost of your order will not be changed.)

Additional Information

Search or Browse the Website works in the same way as most shopping cart sites. Search or browse for the items that you are looking for and then add those items that you want to your Cart, specifying the number of copies of each title.

If there is a title that you are looking for that you can’t find, just use our Custom Order Form which allows you to input the details. The most important information you can provide is the ISBN. The item will be added to your cart.

When you have all the items you want, you can check out. If you have not used before you will need to register.

Your books will be sent to you with an invoice and you pay for them when you receive them.

Notification of Receipt of Your Order
1) You will receive an immediate e-mail confirmation of your order which will list the books you have ordered and provide a provisional total price. If you notice any errors in the confirmation email (for example an incorrect shipping address) please contact us immediately by email.

2) If you have notified us of any special requests, or if any price changes occur, we will send you a notification by email.

If the materials are in stock in Japan, you will receive them within 7 working days, if not, we will notify you. Your materials will be sent by courier to the delivery address you have provided us. Deliveries to remote islands however can take longer.

How and When to Pay
Payment for books is due upon receipt of your books. You can pay COD, bank transfer, through the post office or by credit card using PayPal. You choose how you want to pay during the Checkout.

You will receive the invoice and a special post office payment slip with your books. Payment can be made through any post office or by bank transfer to the bank account listed on the invoice. Please note that you will be responsible for any and all transfer fees.

We include detailed payment instructions with each shipment except for COD shippings.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us! (c) ELT Services Japan Limited, 5-23-4 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0012 | Tel: 03-5420-2703 | Fax: 03-5420-2701 | Email:

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