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Level 1

10-digit: 4777310892


David Paul

Description for the Series:

The best-selling phonics-based course, designed for Japanese children. Makes reading and writing easy, and encourages active communication.

The course aims to build confidence and increase motivation with particular attention given to developing an achievable sequence of language.

As students learn to "find out" more for themselves, so they will come to regard English as a fascinating adventure. The Home CD is included with the Home Book.


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Level 1 Class CD 9784777310890 ¥ 2,160  / ¥ 1,728 1728 Available Now 9784777310890 New Finding Out Class CD Level 1 New! 0.0 stars, based on 0 reviews
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¥ 2,160 / ¥ 1,728

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