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Communicate New Edition
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David Paul


Motivate Students to Communicate
Communicate and Motivate form a four-level,
general English classroom course book for
teenage and adult beginners and high beginners.
This course is appropriate for students learning English for the first time and for those who have studied for yers and need a fresh communicative approach. Grammar is introduced systematically
and integrated with the situations and topics
students need to communicate in English.
Students learn structures through student-centered activities and apply them in practical sitiuations. Fun activities, humor and appealing characters help to draw the students into the course.
All language targets are constantly brought alive through personalization and interactive activities. Vocabulary and patternsare recycled throughout the course allowing sustained practice in a supportive environment.

Each level contains

• Student Book
• Teacher's Guide (free download)
• Workbook (free download)*
• Tests (free download)*
• Questionnaires, flash cards, board games ...(free download)*
* Downloads will be available from this website in early 2012. They will be added to over time both by the author and by users of the books. Teachers using the books will be encouraged to join a community of users and share ideas.

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Level 1 Student Book with CD 9781599661766 ¥ 2,052  / ¥ 1,642 1642 Available Now 9781599661766 Student Book with CD Level 1 New! 0.0 stars, based on 0 reviews
Level 2 Student Book with CD 9781599661797 ¥ 2,052  / ¥ 1,642 1642 Available Now 9781599661797 Student Book with CD Level 2 New! 0.0 stars, based on 0 reviews
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