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Hard Times for the Time Trippers

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Maria Jack / Ian Lister

Description for the Series:

Password Readers is a collection of original and classic fictional titles that have been adapted to fit the needs of English language learners. The series provides a functional and accessible didactic apparatus which facilitates learner autonomy. Each reader is made up of brief sixpage chapters, in which the flow of the story alternates with activities which reinforce vocabulary and reading skills. After each reading, there is a non-fictional text related to the main topic. Each reader is packaged with a fully dramatized Audio CD.

Key Features
• Large, full-color illustrations facilitate general comprehension
• Active vocabulary is highly controlled and highlighted in text
• Pre-reading activities focus on general themes and prepare the reader for difficult vocabulary
• After-reading activities facilitate understanding and vocabulary acquisition, and motivate the reader to continue
• The Glossary groups all the key words and the activities reinforce their acquisition
• Non-fiction cultural information related to the context of the story and its characters provides fiction and related non- fiction, together

Beginner: Benchmarked to The Common European Framework A1
Elementary: Benchmarked to Cambridge Exam KET & The Common European Framework A2
Pre-Intermediate: Benchmarked to Cambridge Exam PET & The Common European Framework B1
Intermediate: Benchmarked to Cambridge Exam FCE & The Common European Framework B2
Upper-Intermediate: Benchmarked to Cambridge Exam CAE & The Common European Framework C1


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