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John Escott


Bring me something new and exciting. Bring me a big story! says Rosie's editor at The Record   newspaper.And, when she leaves the office, Rosie does find a story. A story that takes her across Europe, into a dangerous world of art and art thieves.Interactive, fun MutliROM containing a range of effective games and activities as well as entertaining dramatized audio recordings, featuring multiple actors, music, and sound effects which bring the story to life.

*This story is recorded in British English, with some American Characters.

System Requirements

Windows® and Mac® compatible

Minimum specification: PC: Pentium® III, 700MHz, Windows® (2000, XP, Vista); Mac® G4, 700MHz, Mac® 10.2 or above; 128 MB RAM; 24x CD-ROM drive speed; 1024x768 screen resolution displaying 32-bit colour; compatible sound card; headphones or speakers; mouse.   We recommend you set your keyboard to UK English.

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