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International English

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Stage 1 (400 Headwords)

400 ~1800

10-digit: 0194236226


Vicary, Tim


With Oxford Bookworms Factfiles, embark on fact-finding missions to the rainforests of Madagascar, downtown New York, and even the moon. Factfiles give fascinating insights into important issues in an informative and enjoyable way.

Fact 1
Factfiles provide in-depth information about a range of subjects. Language is carefully graded for students at elementary to upper-intermediate levels, Bookworms Stages 1-5.      

Fact 2
Factfiles are ideal for cultural and cross-curricular studies. Your students can explore major cities, or research the customs, lifestyles, and history of the English-speaking world.      

Fact 3
Factfiles develop reading comprehension and train students to scan texts for specific information. A variety of activities encourage students to work actively with their text.
Fact 4
Factfiles are ideal for project work. Follow-up activities present ideas for discussions, writing tasks, and extended projects.      

Fact 5
Factfiles are easy and fun to use. High-quality color photographs keep students engaged in the readings and aid their understanding.      
Fact 6
Factfiles are supported by online resources, including answer keys and photocopiable tests. All material from the Readers Website is available in a Teacher's Handbook.
Fact 7
Factfiles develop important vocabulary. Glossaries provide a clear explanation of unfamiliar words.      

Fact 8
Factfiles have audio for many titles in the series.

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