First Friends: American Edition

Student Book and Audio CD Pack (Level 3)

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Oxford University Press

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American English

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Level 3

10-digit: 0194433455


Susan Iannuzzi

Description for the Series:

First Friends is a three-level beginner's course that makes learning English and the Roman alphabet familiar and fun!

First Friends (American English) has a strong and clear structure that makes it easy for teachers to teach and learners to learn in a fun, friendly and familiar way.

With the help of mascots, games, songs and stories young learners will soon be confident in their use of everyday English and grasp of the Roman alphabet.

This flexible package offers DVD, iTools, picture cards and the choice of combined student and workbook packs and teacher’s books in languages other than English, so you can use what suits you and your students best.

Key Features:
      108 picture cards per level
      Key teaching tool at kindergarten level.
      Picture cards can help in three ways:
      1. Presentation of new vocabulary, letters, colors and numbers
      2. Activities and games - help to conduct the fun!
      3. Check answers
      Act out dialogues and songs
      Each card has the same sort of lively illustration found in the Student Book
      There are 82 vocabulary picture cards and 26 alphabet picture cards per level


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