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Level 6

10-digit: 9620055284


Mari Nakamura, Akiko Seino

Description for the Series:

English Land makes learning English a magical experience! Familiar Disney characters help create a fantastic world of discovery and adventure in the classroom that truly motivates your students to learn.

      * Extensively researched and designed in Japan for elementary students

      * Every Student Book contains DVD which reinforce the language in class or at home

      * Disney characters that children know and love presented in stunning scenes from popular Disney movies to engage and motivate young learners

      * Disney stories stimulate children's natural interest in the world of fantasy and encourage them to remember unit language

      * A complete phonics program designed especially for Japan helps young learners attain success in pronunciation, reading and spelling activities

      * Personalization activities make language useful, practical and easier for young learners to remember by connecting it to their everyday lives

      * Activity Books provide follow up and support and feature a wide variety of activities for use in class or at home

      * Teacher's Book provides Full Testing Program, which contains Photocopiable tests, Test Audio CD and Test Generator CD-ROM


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