Hip Hip Hooray

Teacher's Edition (Level 1)

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Hip Hip Hooray
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Level 1

10-digit: 9880056159


Beat Eisele, Catherine Yang Eisele, Rebecca York Hanlon, Stephen M. Hanlon

Description for the Series:

Hip Hip Hooray! Second Edition features the classic story Town Mouse and Country Mouse to motivate young learners and provide a familiar context to make grammar easy to teach and fun to learn. Practice pages are interleaved to provide a 4 skills step-by-step sequence that prepares students for success.

Key Features
• Three grammar targets and vocabulary groups per unit prepare students for success
• Assessment package with Placement Tests, Unit Tests and Mid-term and Final Tests for tracking progress
• Online Learning Center supports teachers and students in and out of class
• Active Teach Interactive Whiteboard software
• Online student activities for extended practice of every unit


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